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Welcome! Here, you will find everything to learn your chosen instrument from scratch or, if you are a player, detailed help to improve your skills.

Tony Ward is a LCM/RGT (London College of Music/Registry of Guitar Tutors) Professional Private Guitar Tutor with many years experience, helping people of all ages, styles and levels with the Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar to meet their goals.

Enjoyable and informative 1:1 on-line Lessons are tailored to each individual, with an overall accent on having fun learning, using a simple “Freestyle” approach.

Music theory and Grades, from basic to professional levels are available if required, and can be achieved with internationally recognised exam boards, such as The London College of Music / The Registry of Guitar Tutors – (LCM/RGT).

On-line Skype and Zoom, used exclusively since March 2020 is very effective, and retains the enjoyable “fun” element, without having to consider the cost and inconvenience of travelling, parking etc.

Lessons vary in length from 30 mins – 2 hours and may be occasional “one-off”, weekly, 2 or 4 weekly sessions.

The cost is based on £25.00 per hour and is paid by BACS. in advance, by internet bank transfer.

Discount up to 20% applies for multiple lessons of 5 or more, paid in advance, depending on the number of hours booked.

Pick up your phone and call me for an informal chat, I look forward to hearing from you

Electric, Acoustic & Bass

I mainly teach the electric/acoustic guitar but I also have a number of bass guitar and ukulele students.

Tailored Lessons

Each of my students are individuals and therefore I like to tailor the lessons to suit their needs.

All Styles Taught

Over the years I have taught many different styles of guitar, in every possible genre.

Very Flexible

I offer a selection of payment terms and can arrange regular or one-off sessions.

Student Testimonials

“Tony is passionate about guitars and music, is patient and knowledgeable about all types of Music"

Lisa Fairchild

“I like to play in a variety of styles across different instruments (acoustic, electric, bass), Tony accommodates all these and is very flexible to my whims!”

Chris Booth

“Tony's Guitar lessons are very enjoyable (I attended for 5+ years) and I would recommend it to anyone”

Ben Knapman

“The lessons are really fun and informative”

Dan Meldon

“Structure not rigid but Henry feels this is a good thing, flexibility to work towards Henry's own goals is a major positive. Tony has tailored lessons around exactly what Henry has wanted to achieve, which has really helped with motivation.”

Caroline Parsons – Re: son Henry

“I really enjoy my lessons, Tony makes learning fun”

Robert Taylor

“Excellent and honest communication with parents – very useful to be able to buy equipment via Tony and leave guitars for repair and maintenance” “5/5 for all aspects of lessons and 5,000,000/5 for patience!”

Mary Hannam – re: son Hugh

“Tony has a natural ability to engage his students, endless patience and a wealth of musical knowledge”

S. Anderson

“Tony Is a very competent guitarist and I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn in most popular styles, very helpful to those wishing to expand their repertoire”

Roger Pike

“Tony is a nice and friendly chap and the lessons are very comfortable and relaxed. I like how he uses reference on the computer (i.e. Youtube) and is open to options and offers advice for your guitar”

Millie Humphries

“We have never had a week when one of our children has not wanted to have their lesson. Always fun which is very important when learning any instrument, Perfect for a student who wants to have fun learning, especially if they are put off by the idea of exams, or Guitar by Numbers i.e. playing the same piece of music week in and week out. Tony listens to what the student wants to learn.”

Lara Joiner - mother of three students

"Relaxed 1:1 lessons"

Tim Ham

"Relaxed and fun - music is to be enjoyed by all!"

Martin P

"I started on the electric guitar at 62 years of age!! Tony is the perfect guitar tutor – he challenges me continually but keeps me motivated with the music he chooses for me and his “laid back” teaching style."

Steve Jones

"Tony's teaching style has given Oscar immediate access to a fantastic bank of songs and really fuelled his enthusiasm. He's so excited to actually be playing the guitar."

Tabithe Morton

"Very patient covers a wide variety of music."

Nick Keevil

"We always do good songs that are often famous so I know them, rather than doing boring grade work"

James Wroath

"Tony is a very patient tutor to our son who is a beginner, he structures his lessons to keep it fun and interesting. He has improved greatly since starting his lessons."

David Maydew

"After 7 years, my weekly hour guitar session with Tony is still one of the highlights of my week. A good musician/guitarist who copes with a wide range of music / styles and abilities."

Chris Luke

"The lessons flow well and Tony lets you chose your path with your guitar, learning while progressing at a fast pace."

Henry Flanagan

"Content is very good and anything you wish to know is found for you, checks on homework given for progress."

Dennis Thorne

"At age 65, I am too old to do things I don't like with people I don't care for. If you want to learn the guitar from an excellent teacher, go to Tony Ward. He is the real deal. If you don't have a guitar, amp etc. let Tony source them for you, he has for me, and I am delighted with my Gibson Les Paul and Marshall amp! I wish I had met Tony Ward 50 years ago!"

Chris Duckett

"I can't believe how much I have learnt in 2 weeks on the Ukulele, I really enjoy it."


"Very polite! Recommends a lot of equipment and songs for a beginner of my level that I like, plays along and is fun."

Barney Isgar

"My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with Tony, he is very friendly and helpful and has enormous patience, so that I go away from the lessons feeling inspired to practise all that we have learnt that day."

Liz Foster

"Relaxed, enjoyable and fun lessons. Tony has a wealth of knowledge and I have learnt a lot."

Ros King